Specific Parenting Techniques for Children and Teens with ASD Level 1

Topics: Parenting Children and Teens with High-Functioning Autism

Topics include:

1.    Problems with Diagnosing HFA
2.    Sleep Problems
3.    Ways to Help Your Child Calm Down
4.    How to Motivate Your Child
5.    Picky Eating
6.    Behavior Problems
7.    Caution about Punishment for Meltdowns
8.    Shutdowns versus Meltdowns
9.    The “Hyper-Focus” Trait
10.    School Refusal
11.    Dealing with Temper Tantrums
12.    Helping Your Child to Understand the World
13.    School-Related Behavioral Problems: Tips for Educators
14.    Transitioning HFA Teens to Adulthood
15.    Problems with Balance
16.    Shortening the Duration of Meltdowns
17.    Siblings’ Reactions to Meltdowns
18.    Treatment for HFA Symptoms
19.    Preventing Behavior Problems Before They Start
20.    HFA Teens and Social Skills
21.    Helping Students with High-Functioning Autism: A Snapshot for Teachers
22.    Teaching Organizational Skills
23.    The Cycle of Meltdowns
24.    HFA Students and Public Schools
25.    The Purpose of Social Stories
26.    Transitioning HFA Kids into Adolescence
27.    Dealing with Rituals and Obsessions
28.    Transitioning Between Schools
29.    Social Skills: Key Concepts and Interventions
30.    School Phobia
31.    Completing School Assignments On Time
32.    How Diet and Supplements Can Help
33.    Preparing Your HFA Teen for Adulthood
34.    The Difference Between Meltdowns and Tantrums
35.    HFA Teens and Suicidal Ideation
36.    Sensory Issues
37.    Teaching HFA Children To Lose Gracefully
38.    Rigidity in Thought and Behavior
39.    Grade-Skipping for the Highly Intelligent HFA Student
40.    Defiance in HFA Teens
41.    Helping Your HFA Teen to Accept the Diagnosis
42.    Getting HFA Kids Ready For School
43.    School Concerns: Advice to Teachers
44.    Anger-Control for HFA Teens
45.    Language Difficulties
46.    Attention Difficulties
47.    Rituals and Obsessions
48.    How to Stop Confusing Your Child
49.    Attachment Problems
50.    Oral Sensitivity and the Gag Response
51.    Motor Skills Development
52.    Face-Blindness
53.    Behavioral Management Plan
54.    Adolescent Behavior Problems
55.    Problems with Eye Contact
56.    Special Concerns in Adolescence
57.    Effective Teaching Practices for HFA Students
58.    HFA Students: Educational Considerations
59.    HFA Teens and Sex Education
60.    When Your HFA Child's Grades Start To Drop
61.    Understanding Your High-Functioning Autistic Child
62.    Motivating Your Underachieving HFA Teenager
63.    HFA Teens and Learning to Drive a Car
64.    The Negative Effects of “Nagging”
65.    How to Explain High-Functioning Autism to Your Recently Diagnosed Child
66.    Sneaky Ways to Curb HFA Teen Anger
67.    HFA and Lack of Eye Contact
68.    Grandmothers Raising High-Functioning Autistic Grandchildren
69.    HFA Teens and College
70.    40 Positive Traits of HFA
71.    HFA and Adolescent Issues
72.    Adult HFA Children Who Move Back Home – or Never Leave
73.    HFA and Loneliness
74.    Helping HFA Children with Homework
75.    Surviving Holidays with Your HFA Child
76.    How to Help Siblings Deal with an HFA Brother or Sister
77.    Violent HFA Children: What Parents and Teachers Can Do

...and much more!

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