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Poor Cognitive Shifting and Weak Central Coherence in HFA

Studies in the area of cognition have noted that children with High-Functioning Autism have problems with updating the scope and focus of their attention. This particular attentional difference may stem from an innate inability to reorient attention rapidly. This deficit ties in with other neurological differences of AS and HFA (e.g., sensory hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity). Together they impact directly on the core tasks of learning.

Six Symptom Clusters of HFA

In this post, six clusters of symptoms are discussed. They are only a convenient way of talking about drug treatments for the common kinds of behaviors that hinder the lives of children and teens who have High-Functioning Autism. These clusters are hardly comprehensive – and there certainly could be more. These were chosen because they are common reasons to seek drug treatment for HFA.

Asperger’s Children and Medication Phobia

The nature of Asperger’s and High-Functioning Autism introduces significant challenges, particularly when using drug treatments. Building a relationship and gaining the child's trust can be hard to accomplish. Many young people on the autism spectrum feel forced to take medication and commonly recoil from the idea of drug treatment. Some are so frightened of the effects of medications that they can’t put those fears aside long enough to try one.

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